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10 Bad Habits Of Rubbing Eyes|Know How It Affects Your Body

Our eyes are one of the most delicate and fragile parts of our body. It has a certain capacity level of withstanding any kind of pressure, crossing which can cause severe damage to the eyes. Do you know that rubbing eyes, though, is a way of getting some instant relaxation but is harming your eyes in the long run? 

Where massaging eyes can calm them and will give you a soothing feeling, rubbing it can do precisely the opposite. In fact, rubbing eyes causes temporary visual impairment and even can lead to permanent blindness. 

In this article, we will discuss 10 ways how your body gets affected by your bad habit of rubbing eyes

Here are the 10 reasons you should stop rubbing of eyes

Eye Infections

Germs in our hands are a constant until you wash them multiple times a day. When you rub your eyes with those dirty hands, the germs or bacterias and viruses in them gets transferred inside your eyes. This increases the risk of eye infections like conjunctivitis, pink eyes, e.coli, etc. 

Dark Circles


The skin around your eyes is very delicate and cannot withstand the vigorous eye rubs you often make it go through. As a result, just like you develop bruises in other parts of your body when hit by something, your skin around the eyes develop a bluish-black coloured contusion known as dark circles because of rubbing. There are other different causes of these dark circles, but rubbing eyes is one of the potential causes.

Scratched Cornea

A scratched cornea can lead to various dangerous permanent disorders in your eyes. Imagine the irritation you feel when a particle of dust goes inside your eyes. You will have to endure 50 times more pain if your cornea gets scratched by excessive eye rubs. So avoid rubbing your eyes and use alternative methods to calm them in case you absolutely need to. 

Wrinkled Skin

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. But if it is happening to you before you have reached middle age or is in your teenage, then it is because you are putting too much stress on it. Just like dark circles, vigorous rubbing of the eyes can lead to wrinkles around the eyes making you look older than your age. 


Keratoconus is an eye disease that increases the risk of permanent or total blindness due to the thinning of the cornea. Once occurred, this disease cannot be cured with medications. It is believed that even surgery can endure only 50% of the reshaping of the cornea. Besides other reasons, rubbing your eyes is a major one you should avoid to save your eyes from facing a lifelong ordeal. 



Myopia is the most common effect of rubbing eyes that people face. Myopia simply means you will fail to recognise the objects those are at a distance from your eyes and will only see a blurry image of them. You can only see the things closer to your eyes clearly.  


Too much pressure on the nerves of your eyes can lead to the increase of Glaucoma at a young age which is generally seen in people above the age of 60. This disorder ultimately damages your optic nerve that completely devastates your vision. When you rub your eyes vigorously, it can lead to an increase in glaucoma. 

Retinal detachment   

How will you feel if you wake up with your eyes not being able to see anything at all one fine morning? That is what happens when your retina (a layer of tissue found in the foresight of the eyes) gets detached. It occurs without any prior pain or symptoms. Vigorous rubbing is a potential cause of retinal detachment side by other reasons. 

Falling of eyelashes


Just like your hair, eyebrows also falls out sometimes. It is nothing to worry about until there is an abnormal level of falling out of your lashes. Often doctors advise patients to stop touching their eyes and obviously put an end to rubbing their eyes to avoid such conditions. 

Hampered Beauty

Eyes are the mirror to your heart and personality. If your eyes fail to look charming and attractive just like your inner self, it would hamper the overall look you have. Vigorous eye rubbing can be a factor that you suffer through any of the above diseases that can change the look of your eyes, hampering your beauty. 

Now that you are aware of the effects of rubbing eyes, consult your eye doctor to shed light on why you have the need to rub your eyes multiple times. It might be an underlying disease or infection that is triggering you. Also, do some research online on alternative ways of rubbing your eyes to soothe them. For example, splashing water on eyes or using eye drops can help prevent rubbing of eyes. Take care of your eyes before they can doom your world and make you blind.


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