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6 Self-Care Tips Post Surgery

Health is the most precious wealth every human possesses. As age leads us to so many blissful events in our life, it also brings health concerns even if you take care of your health. This might require surgical treatments at times. 

Here lies the problem. Though in the safe hands of the doctors, surgical procedures are carried out successfully, but the period after that is more important. This post surgery period is the phase where you should take care of yourself the most and prioritize it over everything. 

In this article, we will discuss 6 self-care tips to get over the wound and bounce back to a healthy and normal lifestyle. 

Here are 6 self care tips for you post surgery

Take your medicines as prescribed 

Take your medicines as prescribed

A fast recovery is possible only by obeying every instruction the doctor has given you. Taking your medicines on time and not missing any of them is the first and foremost rule you must follow. 

Patients often tend to consume an extra dose of medication or pain killers to reduce their pain. They also think taking extra medicines will help them recover sooner. This is a completely wrong concept and is indirectly injurious to your overall health. 

If you feel the need to taking painkillers, consult your doctor first and then have it. 

Keep an eye on your incision 

Your incision becomes the tender most part of your body post surgery. Hence, it asks for a lot of love and care in order to reduce its ailment. Keep checking if there are any bleeding conditions around it or if it is going through any other changes.

At times people often start rubbing their incision to reduce the pain while recovering. If you feel itchy on the spot of your incision, blow soft air on it but rubbing can infect the area and can lead to bigger damage.

Maintaining proper hygiene, changing bandages in regular intervals, keeping the area dry, not touching the incision with dirty hands or rubbing it, avoiding exposure to the sun and less to no water in the area are some of the post surgery care or measures to take care of the incision. 

Stay cautious of blood clots 

Clotting of blood is one of the major post surgery complications that patients face. As a result of being in bed for long hours post-surgery, your blood flow will be flowing at a slower pace. Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT is what occurs at that point in time which may be good for stopping the bleeding. 

However, if blood gets clotted for a long time, it may cause severe damage to your lungs and can turn to be life-threatening.

Some amount of caution will be enough to stop this blood clot from happening. You should contact your doctor as soon as you see any bruises appearing around the area of the surgery. 

Follow-up with the doctor


After your recovery rate has gone higher and you are feeling much better than the day you were being operated on, do not make the mistake of going out of touch with the doctor. Follow up with your doctor in regular intervals, say go for a visit every month.

Ask him about the medications which need to be added and the ones which are not any more required. Tell him every little problem you are facing and ask him the reason and the remedy for the same. 

Also, consider getting in touch with a dietician who will direct your meal menus and help you eat a balanced diet. It is very important for a patient to be under the supervision of the doctor for at least 1-year post surgery

Set the balance  

Surgical procedures are painful, and the more you will rest, the faster are the chances of your recovery. But, do set the balance between rest and laziness. 

Often after taking rest for a prolonged period of time post surgery, people tend to lose that balance. Getting bedridden even after you have started recovering will make you feel sicker and will lead to many other diseases and disorders in your body. 

So, with the permission of your doctor, start walking or performing yoga to boost the energy level of your body and feel active.

Keep a positive mindset 


A positive mindset is key to effective living. None of the above self care ideas will be able to help you recover from your injury if you do not keep positivity in your mind and heart. Post your surgery, think about the bigger aspect of life instead of weeping over the pain. 

You can watch motivational videos on the internet, do light yoga, spend quality time with your partner and do or see things that makes you feel happy. If you follow these 6 self-care tips post surgery, you are bound to bounce back to normal life sooner than you can imagine. We hope this blog has helped you in decoding the secret to post surgery well-being. Get well soon, and best of luck!

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