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7 self-care tips for the flu

According to research, about 9 per cent of the world population gets affected by flu every year. It is very common to get an infection once you are exposed to the virus. The symptoms of the flu generally begin after 2-3 days of the exposure; which may vary person to person, but the common ones are a sore throat, runny nose and fever. In some severe cases, it may also be accompanied by body aches form flu like muscle aches and headaches.  

If you have knowledge of the exposure then there are a few ways to take care of yourself at home so that the effects are not full-fledged. Follow the tips given below to maintain a healthy atmosphere during your flu.

Stay at home

The majority of the population tend to neglect the severity of the flu, and in turn neglect the contagious nature of it. If you are going out you will be spreading the virus, at the same time, you will jeopardise your health. It is better if you call sick from work and school and get lots of rest at home. Spend your day in a lazy manner, watch a movie and enjoy the alone time and help your body to cure and heal from the aches from flu, runny nose and other symptoms.

Cold and flu tablets

Cold and flu tablets

There are plenty cold and flu tablets available in the market. Nicip cold and flu tablets are known to relieve you of the troubles. After the medicine starts to kick in, your flu may last for a day or two at most. If you are wondering what to do for body aches when sick just have acetaminophen or ibuprofen and have some rest, your aches will go down significantly.

Clear fluids

Make sure to stay extremely hydrated during flu. Fluids do not necessarily have to be water, you may have fruit juices, broth, clear soups and other foods having plenty of hydration. The fluids help to make the mucus pass out so that your respiratory tracks and lungs are alleviated of the stress. Alongside, the electrolytes lost during the flu needs ready replacement so you must have plenty of clear fluids. 

Turn that humidifier on

If you are living in dry weather, your humidifier will help you relax. The moisture of the humidifier will aid in curing coughs and congestions. Make sure that the setting is not put on warm as it will promote the growth of molds and bacteria which will be detrimental for your health during flu. Before switching it on, check if the apparatus is clean and ready to run.

Nose drops or spray

Nose drops or spray

If your nose is congested that you may want to try the saline nasal drops or sprays that are available on the chemist shops. Flu tends to bring up a lot of mucus and blocking the nose is a common thing. The drops can be applied to people of all ages and are safe to use. You will get instant relief and be able to breathe just fine.


Hot steams help a lot during flu. You can sit in your bathroom with the hot water running so that the steam fills up or you can use a steam machine to inhale the hot steam. It will help with the body aches from flu along with the runny nose and congested nose issues. The swollen blood vessels in the nose will also be in control with steam inhalation. The chills will also be in control due to the steam. Remember, steam does not get rid of the virus, it just helps the body to cope up with the symptoms associated with the flu.

Consult a doctor

Consult a doctor

People of the age above 65 years or of the age below 2 years are prone to show complications during flu. Make sure to call your doctor if you or your kid falls in that category. If you have chronic ailments like a weak immune system or problems surrounding the kidney, lungs, heart or liver, don’t blink before consulting a doctor. The conditions of flu may worsen with each passing second in those conditions. Be prepared and take precautions. You may also consult a doctor if the symptoms of the flu or aches from flu won’t go away after 4-5 days. Even though flu is a very common viral disease, don’t take it very lightly if you see troubled breathing, fussiness in the baby, fainting, seizures. Make sure to call for help immediately and don’t go for over the counter drugs in those cases. Be smart about your illness and you will be able to cure it in no time with professional help. Don’t take antibiotics during the flu as it is a viral infection, only antiviral drugs will work against it.

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