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7 Things to Discuss with Your Gynecologist

While we rack our brains to ask multiple things to other doctors, sometimes very hypothetical ones too, we usually are pretty shy or embarrassed when it comes to our gynecologist. As a result, most women consider many symptoms as ‘just a phase’ and block it out and only realise later that they were harbouring a problem they could have solved easily.

So, what should you ask your gynecologist during your next visit? First, make a list of things that you feel are abnormal. It could even be a gut feeling. Next, if you have a list of your medications, take a picture of them on your phone or carry those prescriptions with you. Most importantly, do not google your symptoms and believe whatever the top pages say. To avoid confusion, here are the seven things that one should ask their doctor.

Any abnormal symptoms

It might look as trivial as itching or more painful cramps than usual. Usually, women would brush it off as an infection that a hot water wash would cure or hope that the cramps would be more bearable the next month. But do you know that any of these abnormalities could be a symptom of something big? You are the sole decider of what’s abnormal and what isn’t.

Start searching for gynecologist near me if you have any changes or discomfort in

  • Vaginal odour, discharge colour, and bleeding
  • Pain during, before, or after menstruation
  • Bumps or inflammations
  • Rashes, itching, or other discomforts
  • Problems in using contraceptives

Your family history

Do you know that some hormonal issues are genetic? Do you know that around 15% of people experiencing infertility have a genetic cause? Approximately 10% of breast cancer cases have genetic factors. Beyond these, ovarian cancers, pregnancy complications, and several other problems have genetic links. Thus, it is essential to confer your family history with your gynecologist.

Converse regarding your medical history

Your current pregnancy can be affected by your previous miscarriage, medicines you consumed before pregnancy, and more. The same is true for several hormonal and acute problems. Thus, it is crucial to discuss the following with your gynecologist doctor.

  • Current diseases you are suffering from (both sexual and non-sexual diseases)
  • Last pap smear screening results
  • Current medications (long-term and on-demand basis)
  • Style of contraception
  • Allergies
  • Surgeries related to reproductive/hormone-producing organs

Libido is not an embarrassing topic


When you choose the best gynecologist in Kolkata, she will not be disgusted that you want to discuss your libido. Your sudden low libido could be linked to hormone changes, stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, fatigue, and more. Also, a change in libido could be due to diabetes, depression disorder, menopause, sleep apnea, or other chronic illness. Thus, when there is an abnormal change in your libido, it is a crucial element to discuss with your gynecologist. 

On the same note, an abnormally high libido indicates hypersexuality, a disorder related to sexual thoughts. Such a condition, when untreated, could lead to mental issues.

Things to look forward to

As a woman ages, she goes through hormonal changes, menopause, changes in the menstrual cycle, and other problems. There is a correlation between age and reproductive/hormone-producing organs’ functionality disruption. Thus, it is essential to hold a checklist of concerns you should monitor for in future. For instance, a woman over thirty should learn how to do a breast self-exam. Women in their forties or fifties should know menopause can cause hot flashes, mood swings, vaginal itching, irregular cycles, and more.

All females must undergo pelvic examination, pap smear and breast examination annually after their forties. Although they are scary and a little painful, the advantages are enormous. Identifying a cancerous growth or cancer at an early stage can be a life-changing difference. Even in fatal cancerous cases, early detection can easily add a decade or so to a patient’s life.

Sexual health, pregnancy and contraceptive


Several myths about contraceptives can lead to unwanted pregnancies or contracting STDs. Thus, if you have any concerns about birth control pills or contraception, talk to your gynecologist immediately. Is your Copper T causing discomfort? Are you losing weight or bleeding heavily while using birth control options? Are you not sure which method to try? It is best to select the best gynecologist in Kolkata rather than the internet browser.

There are several blogs on the internet about ways to get pregnant faster, methods to know the gender of your baby, ways to conceive a baby boy, and so on. These are likely blogs written to attract more readers based on the commonly searched keywords. They have almost zero scientific proof. Why do you risk learning the right foods for pregnant women online rather than going to a doctor?

Beyond fertility and pregnancy, you should learn about your sexual health too. There is nothing taboo in the medical field, from pain during sex to birth control options. You can talk about lubricants to reduce pain, mitigate STDs, get pregnant with STDs, and so on.

Excretory organ health

Do you have faecal or urinal incontinence? These are common after vaginal delivery or during menopause. There are several surgical or medical methods to manage these problems. Do you urinate when you sneeze? It is not typical and has to be treated. If you put off dealing with these problems, they might become a massive problem shortly.

Beyond these, for every problem, discuss the options to deal with the situation. Once you have your options, discuss the side effects of those solutions. Every surgery, medication, contraception, and others comes with a list of side effects. It is vital to have adequate communication with your gynecologist. It could be related to whether you can start the keto diet or try a new birth control method. Having an open conversation is crucial.

Lastly, but importantly, choose a reliable gynecologist for your medical concerns. Choose a doctor with years of experience and one associated with a hospital with high-end medical facilities, good service, and overall care. Do not stretch to save a few bucks in a matter of your health.


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