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7 Tips to Control Panic Attack

Panic attacks are fairly common nowadays, researches show that about 13 percent of people get panic attack at least once in their lifetime. They are sudden and if you cannot control the panic attacks it can be overwhelming to handle. The first step to stop or prevent a panic attack is by reducing stress and levels of anxiety. You might be questioning yourself, how to stop a panic attack, here in the article, you will find some effective ways to control panic attack, approved by experts.

Panic attack symptoms


There are various panic symptoms that may range emotionally to physically. The most evident panic symptoms include profuse sweating, rapid breathing, racing heart, intense feelings of anxiety, sometimes associated with fear. You may also feel that something bad is coming your way. You must remember to get over these emotional panic symptoms and be as calm as possible.

1. Deep breaths

You must remember, it is a moment of distress and it shall pass, you must take deep breaths to calm yourself down. Panic attack causes shortness of breath, chest tightness; if you give way to it then it will worsen the panic attack, instead, you should take deep breaths to allow the flow of oxygen. Taking deep breaths will also take your mind off the trigger that is causing your panic attack; breathe slowly and concentrate on each breath. You can try the 4-7-8 technique; inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 seconds and exhale for 8 seconds. 

2. 5-4-3-2-1

Panic attacks are so intense that they can anchor you off reality. In order to get a hold of yourself, you should follow this rule. Look at 5 distinct objects and think about them for a while. Try to listen to 4 different sounds and think about them for a few seconds. Touch any 3 objects in your surroundings and try to visualise yourself using those; you may also compare their temperatures. Smell your surroundings and identify 2 different smells. Finally, get hold of something to eat to identify its taste or try to bring back the taste of the last thing you ate. This process will awaken your 5 senses and bring your back to reality.

3. Mantra

Chant a mantra, it does not need to be religious, but it has to be a phrase that gives you strength. Fixate on phrase and if you ever get a panic attack, keep on repeating that phrase. This will be a reassurance to your brain and body to calm down. You can choose phrases like, “I am Strong”, “I will be alright”, “This is just a phase and it will pass.” 

4. Happy place

happy place

You have got a place where you can remain peaceful and happy. Panic attack duration maybe 5-15 minutes, in some cases even longer, during this period picture yourself in your happy place, away from all the stress and anxiety. This place does not necessarily need to exist, it can be a place of your imagination; it also can be spending time with the ones your love, the loving lap of your parents or the arms of your loved ones. It has to be somewhere you feel absolutely safe. This is a great panic attack cure,  it has proven to retrieve a person quickly from their stressed state.

5. Identify your triggers

The main cause of panic attack is its triggers, some event, picture or even word that will trigger your panic attack into reality. Triggers may also include, enclosed spaces, shortage of money, sometimes crowds, sometimes even being alone. By getting to know your triggers you will be able to reduce the rates of panic attack. It is generally difficult to figure out the triggers by yourself, take professional help whenever necessary.

6. Medications


Always carry your panic attack treatment drugs with you if you are severely prone to attacks. Doctors generally suggest some medications that should be used immediately if you are under attack, these are generally beta blockers that slow down your heartbeat and will make you calm for the phase to pass. Panic attack treatment drugs are very addictive so please use them with caution.

7. Tell others

During a panic attack, crowding may negatively impact the situation, if you get frequent attacks, make sure you inform your friends about it, generally the ones who are present with you on a daily basis. Make sure your family knows about it. Keep people you trust on the emergency dial so that if you are out, people can contact your home or trusted ones to have your back. Prediction of panic attack cannot be given by anyone, and it cannot be prevented altogether, so you must have a set of actions to take in case you see yourself in the middle of it. This article will help you in those cases.

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