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Six ways to protect your eyes and ease eye strain

Eye strain occurs when you are engaged in a particular activity for a prolonged duration. For example, you might strain your eyes if you work staring at computer screens or driving for several hours together. The eye strain meaning is quite simple. You are tiring out your eyes with intensive use like reading, writing, driving, computer work, sewing, and more.

Eye strain is easily curable and manageable. It is all about using methods to reduce your eyes’ stress during work.

Six methods to guard against eye strain

There are a lot of medications available to reduce eye strain symptoms. However, before trying those, you can try these six methods.


It might sound too simple, but do you know that when we work on something with too much concentration, we forget to blink? Blinking helps to lubricate your eyes, and thus when you fail to blink, it adds to eye dryness. Eye dryness is one of the leading reasons for an eye strain headache. According to studies, those using digital devices or while reading/writing would blink only 1/3rd of their actual blinking frequency. Also, doctors do not recommend blinking every second, but consciously try to blink once or twice every five minutes.

Change the lighting

If your daily routine revolves around too much computer work, you can safeguard your beautiful eyes by choosing low blue light settings. If you work in a windowless room or with no natural flow of light, you can quickly develop eyes problem due to stress caused by glare and reflection. Fluorescent light can also cause strain. You can reduce the discomfort by using blue filtering glare screens.

It is a myth that a brightly lit room is perfect for your eyes. In contrast, a high-level light can cause visual fatigue/ eye strain. Blue lights can cause an eye strain headache, migraine, and others.

  • Use curtains when you do not need bright lights.
  • Use low-intensity light bulbs when you are working indoors.
  • Soft-white LED lights are better than cool ones.
  • Reduce reflection by using anti-glare screens
  • You can also find glasses with anti-reflective coating.
  • The new digital devices with high-resolution displays do not harm your beautiful eyes. If you are using older models with standard displays, it is time to upgrade them.
  • While on the computer, use adequate brightness and text contrast.

Eye massage

Eye massage

A good blood flow is essential for your eye health. Massage your eyelids gently with clean hands. Also, massage the areas over your eyebrows, under your eyes, and the temples. This massage also stimulates your tear glands. Tears help to avoid eye dryness. If you think plain massaging is causing friction in your skin, you can use aloe vera gel, olive oil, or any doctor-prescribed eye cream.

Cold or warm?

How to reduce eye strain with cold and warm water? The cold water helps to improve blood flow to your eyes and reduce strain. Dip a smooth and clean cloth in cold water and set it on your closed eyes for a few minutes. You can also use an ice cube inside a cloth to reduce inflammation caused by strain. You can also attempt the exact method with warm water. Remember that it is warm water and not hot.

Healthy lifestyle 

Healthy lifestyle 

It will be perfect if you enjoy ample sunlight for the healthy development of your eyes. Sunlight helps to increase dopamine, which is good for your eye health. Avoid smoking if you experience eye strain. You can also use a humidifier to improve air quality. A good sleep cycle is crucial for your eye health. You can practice meditation, yoga, or any eye exercise for a better sleep cycle.

Eye exercise

Are you experiencing eye strain for a long time? You can rectify it with proper eye exercises. However, it is wise to talk to a certified specialist.

Common eye exercises recommended by experts are

  • Flexing – look up and down without moving your neck ten times and try the same from side to side.
  • Focusing – hold a pencil ten inches away from you and focus on it. Now, focus on something far away from you and return to the pencil again.
  • Palming – place your fingers on the eyes such that your palms rest on your cheek. It gives a soothing effect.
  • Zooming – hold your thumb closer to your eyes and move it slowly away from you and again bring it closer.
  • Make 8 – Without moving your neck, draw an imaginary ‘8’ on the wall with your eyes.

When is the moment to see a doctor for eye strain?

Usually, those who work for a long duration experience eye strain for approximately an hour. The discomfort would usually reduce in 20 minutes to one hour. However, you should talk to a doctor if your headache or other discomforts do not subside in less than four hours.

Moreover, it is best to get medical help if the eye strain is causing severe eye pain, nausea, vomiting, or dizziness. The common symptoms of strain are double vision, blurred vision, itchy eyes, burning eyes, watery/dry eyes, sore neck, light sensitivity, and concentration problems. The doctor would recommend artificial tear drops that help with reducing eye strain symptoms. There are several such drops with different combinations of medicines. It is paramount to pick the right one by consulting an ophthalmologist.

While choosing an ophthalmologist for your eyes, pick a reliable doctor with a holistic hospital setup. Some random person in a shabby clinic might not give you the right solution for your problem. Also, do not try any medicine based on internet comments. Your eye is a delicate organ; you need only the best.

Do you need help finding the best ophthalmologist in your area? In that case, you can filter the best option by choosing a hospital with top doctors, good nurses and support staff, high-end equipment, an in-house pharmacy, insurance acceptance, and modern eye care treatments. One such holistic option is the Revive Nursing Home.


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