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Top 5 Benefits of Exercise During Periods

As a woman on her periods, you have always been advised by the adults to participate in minimal activities while you are on your periods, however, it’s a myth that is going to be busted today. While very few people are accustomed to the norm of exercise during periods or the benefits related to it, you will become fully aware of the whereabouts of periods exercise. 

Can we exercise during periods?

The answer to this big question is you can exercise during periods; however, you will have to keep a few pointers in mind while you are indulging in it. Many exercises have proven to help with periods, ease the menstrual pain and keep the cycles regular. There exists also exercise to get periods immediately which you can try if your cycles are late. 

What exercises should be practised during periods?


Exercise during periods should be chosen with great care and thus we are providing a list from where you can choose. 

  • Light walking should be done instead of sprinting or running while you are actively bleeding during your periods. Walking will help you get the fresh air in your lungs thereby uplifting your mood. Don’t sit on the bed all day but go for a light walk.
  • Yoga is a medieval form of exercise that have numerous benefits since the old age. You may try stretching exercise and yoga to help in cramps and maintaining psming symptoms. 
  • Pilates will help you calm your body and mind while you are experiencing discomfort with your body. It will also uplift your mood and help you burn some calories.
  • Dancing will greatly uplift your mood and it is an excellent period exercise to practice. Just put on the music and groove to the beats or go for Zumba classes to get that body moving.

Exercises to avoid during periods

There is a list of activities that must be avoided when you are bleeding so that the flow does not increase manifold or you don’t give your body any extra stress than it already is undergoing. 

You should definitely ditch your normal exercises or gym when you are on your periods as they will wear you out easily and also provide a greater challenge to your body. Alongside keeping in mind the forbidden exercise during periods, you should also remember not to exercise for a greater amount of time; go gentle on your body. Go for the period exercises that your body permits and do not push your body very much. Don’t do anything at all if you are too tired.

Benefits of exercise during periods

Benefits of exercise during periods

By following a light period exercise routine, you will be able to get rid of the unwanted aches that come along with it. There is no point in skipping exercise and sitting in one corner of your room when you are on your periods, to make that claim even stronger here are the benefits of exercise during periods.

  • Mood enhancement

It is one of the few things period exercise will make your experience. It will help with relieving headaches, back pain. The production of endorphins is increased that lowers anxiety, depression and allows you to be in a light mood. These Endorphins are also referred to as human morphine so they will ease out any other pains in the body.

  • Reduce dysmenorrhea

Also known as menstrual cramps in simpler language. It is a condition where a woman experiences painful period cramps due to uterine wall contraction. Light exercise, stretching targets dysmenorrhea and helps to reduce it. If you follow these meticulously you will be greatly relieved of it. The primary reason being improved blood circulation.

  • Aid in PMS

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome or PMS are experienced by women over the globe every month before their periods that seem to cause an imbalance in daily life. PMS is known for emotional surges, difficulty in concentration, fatigue, mood swings, specific food craving and many more such symptoms that causes discomfort. Exercise during periods will help you deal with these issues by the secretion of endorphins in the body. You also may experience bloating which will be reduced by suitable periods exercises.

  • Perfect cycles

Many women suffer with the problem of irregular periods, where the 28 day cycle is not maintained. If so, you will rarely get periods on your due date which simply arouses chaos and tension. Exercise during periods has helped numerous women regularise their periods. Especially aerobic exercises are preferred for this cause.

  • Energy booster

It is pretty common to feel low during your periods, but periods exercise will promote the secretion of good hormones that will boost your body and fill you with energy so you are up and going for all of the chores. This is very important for mothers, working individuals as well as students.

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