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What NOT To Do When Dealing With an Orthopaedic Injury

An orthopaedic injury is difficult to diagnose while giving first aid and is also very troublesome to deal with. One should know what to do and how to do it while dealing with a broken leg or broken hand. When pressure is applied to the bone from external sources, it often results in a fracture or a broken bone. It requires immediate care. 

Orthopaedic meaning

Orthopaedics is the branch of medical science that deals with rectifying bone and muscle deformities. Doctors specialising in orthopaedic dedicate their life to treating broken bones, ligaments, and deformities of muscle, joints, and tendons. In broad terms, they deal with the human body’s musculoskeletal system.

Things not to do when you find someone orthopedically injured

Firstly, find the nearest orthopaedic hospital and seek the medical advice of an expert. Orthopaedic injuries are extremely severe and may deteriorate quickly if not getting into the right hands. Never try to treat an orthopaedic injury by yourself. If the bone heals in the wrong formation, it might lead to surgeries and even loss of function.

Do not touch the injured area even if you find a bone sticking out of the orthopaedic injury. You might have often seen doctors treating a dislocated shoulder, but you should never attempt it yourself for the sake of your well-being. If you apply pressure in problematic areas, that might lead to a deformity for life.

After seeking medical help, you might get a cast if you have a fracture or broken bone. Make sure not to wet the cast. A wet cast will pave the way for skin irritation, rashes and even fungal infection. You can cover the cast with a layer or two of plastic and tapes and then have a bath. Do not scratch it if you ever have an itch inside the cast. Your eyesight does not extend inside the cast, and you may end injuring yourself even more.

Don’t ignore the signs of infection. For example, suppose you feel redness towards the outer sides of the cast or extreme itchiness. In that case, you should immediately rush to your nearest orthopaedic hospital, consult your doctor, and get the correct medication to deal with it. 

Additionally, it would help if you visited the orthopaedic doctor to remove your cast. Please don’t attempt to cut and get rid of it without a doctor. Orthopaedic doctors are skilled for this job and have the appropriate equipment required to get the job done. They also ensure chemical sterilisation of the equipment to prevent microbial infection.

The Rs used by doctors

orthopedic doctor

Some primary procedures orthopaedic surgeons use while treating traumatic orthopaedic injuries are listed below.

  • Reduction of bleeding or restoring the alignment if the wound is not superficial is the initial goal of a surgeon while dealing with an orthopaedic wound. 
  • Holding down the injured area to immobilise the wound is another method used by first aid caregivers and doctors in case of orthopaedic injury. Without immobilisation, the wounded bones or muscles tend to dislocate and cause even more pain to the patient.
  • Rehabilitation is required to restore the function of the injured orthopaedic area properly. One should not rush it. Give time to the injured area and keep the movements at a minimum. Keep weights away from the injured area to ensure steady healing of the area.

Words of advice from an orthopaedic doctor

Orthopedic doctors have revealed that hunching in front of your computers has numerous detrimental effects on your back. Nowadays, people use computers a lot and do not align the accessories to manage their health. For best results, you should have a proper set-up where the table is at the right height; it will be best to have an adjustable table to adjust the height as you go. In addition, you should arrange for a comfortable chair that does not strain your back. Incorrect posture might result in an orthopaedic injury.

Often lifting heavy objects leads to strains or back injuries. According to orthopaedic doctors, one can avoid it by inhibiting the use of back muscles while lifting a heavy object. Doctors advise assessing your ability before lifting a heavy weight. Also, clear the path if you wish to carry the weight along some distance. The right way to raise a weight is with the help of the quadriceps of your thighs instead of straining your back muscles.

Going alone on an open roof is also not acknowledged by a doctor. As an adult, you may take your balance for granted, but it is not the best thing to do. Wear flats with good grips to avoid falling, which often leads to grave injuries. Orthopaedic doctors promote light exercise to increase agility and balance among all age groups. Spending 30 minutes of your day exercising will also keep your joints mobilised which will be fruitful in old age.

The last thing that can be listed as advice is not to tolerate pain. You never know what the pain might be indicative of in your body. Even while you are exercising, stop whenever your body offers resistance. The key to being healthy is to listen and pay attention to your body instead of ignoring it. Different body types have different capabilities, which should be accepted and acknowledged.


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