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Why is exercise beneficial for a healthy living?

Exercise can be said as any form of physical activity which enhances wellness, fitness and healthy living. It boosts our mood and help us to stay fit both mentally and physically. Exercises are mainly categorized into three types: 

• Resistance training 

• Balance and flexibility exercise 

• Cardio and aerobic exercise 

Dancing long walks and hiking to be forms of exercise that can be beneficial for us. It is totally on us, based on our health, to decide which kind of physical activity to take up and involve with every day. It is recommended that you warm-up, start slow and then build up your exercise procedure slowly with time. There are several benefits to exercise. Some of them are: 

Helps prevent weight gain 


Regular exercise will help control weight and uphold a healthy weight. Involving every day with physical activities will help burn calories that the body would’ve otherwise stored. It isn’t mandatory to join a gym to work out regularly. You can work out in the park nearby or jog on the roadside in the early morning or evening. Start with free hand exercise in the beginning. The motive is to do a powerful activity indoors or outdoors to burn out those additional calories. 

Lighten up your mood 

Besides keeping yourself physically fit, the exercise cycle rouses several brain elements that uplift your frame of mind and make you cheerful and happy. It is mainly helpful when you’re going through a long stressful day. Exercising regularly will not only make you feel better about yourself but also will boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

Helps sleep better 

Most of us find it challenging to get sleep at night. It is due to a lack of physical activity that we are not aware of. Regular exercise will help fall asleep faster and even indorses deep sleep. Exercising will repairs and heals your body better while sleeping as well as will help you wake up fresh to start a new day with renewed energy. 

Better health 

Better health 

Several diseases could be improved with regular and proper exercise. Some of them are: 

• Metabolic syndrome 

• High blood-pressure 

• Stroke 

• Diabetes 

• Depression 

• Cancer 

• Arthritis 

• Anxiety 

Regular exercise increases the ‘good’ dietary fat in the blood (high-density lipoprotein) and losses triglycerides which are harmful to your health, thereby impressively helps in dropping cardiovascular risks. 

Helps increasing lifespan 

Studies have proved that exercising regularly and having a fit physique can increase the lifespan by an average of five years. If you are in a good health routine, you will have fewer health issues and that will help you slow down the ageing process automatically. 

Increase energy 

If you notice that you’re easily drained and exhausted, regular work-out along with the right diet will help build up your muscle strength, stamina and endurance. This can help you to deal with the rest of the day with healthy energy, therefore refining your work effectiveness. Essentially, daily work-out and breathing exercise help the blood in your body deliver oxygen and all the essential nutrients to every portion of your body and helps your cardiovascular system and the heart work effectively. Hence, with a better lung and heart, you will not feel exhausted and can be more active. 

Improve sex life 

If you get the feeling of extreme tiredness and out of form to get the enjoyment of physical intimacy, then daily work-out will not only increase your level of energy but also will help you drop those extra fats. This will make you feel more self-confident. Some studies have shown that working out regularly also enhance and improve arousal in females. 

Exercise means social activity 


Exercise can be considered a social activity. As it takes you out-of-doors and also helps you meet different people while you jog and run and involve in other activities that cheer you up. You can also work out with your friends, family and spouse; it’s fun. In this respect, exercise can’t be restricted to planks and squats exercise to reduce belly fat. Even hiking, dancing and playing games outdoor are kinds of work-out that help in both lose calories and having fun. 


Any form of exercising or daily physical movement not only will help you lose those extra calories but also helps sleep well, increases your confidence, improves your mental state and helps to stay very good and active for the rest of the day. Not only has that it also help you avoid many health issues. It is suggested to spend a minimum of 150 minutes a week on adequate physical activity or 70 minutes of intense in a week, strong activity. Performing strength physical activity alongside your daily exercise schedule will also improve cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Regular exercise is always good for us, but if you want to meet specific requirements or are going through treatment for a disease or an illness, then you must refer to a doctor first before going ahead with any physical activity.

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